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Welcome to Sunny Tomatoes Farm!

A unique family business based on a passion for agriculture and a commitment to high quality standards. Our farm is located in one of the picturesque corners, where natural conditions create an ideal environment for growing the most delicious and juicy tomatoes.

For several generations our family has been deep into agriculture and caring for plants with love and respect for the land. Our passion for this business has been passed down from generation to generation, and now we proudly continue this tradition.

Ideal Location

Sunny Tomatoes Farm is located in a unique location where the climate and soil are ideal for growing tomatoes. Mild sunny days and cool nights create optimal conditions for the development of the rich taste and aroma of our tomatoes.

We are proud to offer our customers the highest quality products, grown with respect to local nature and family farming traditions. Our tomatoes are not just food, they are art created by nature and the care of our family farmers.

We invite you to our farm to see for yourself the quality and taste of our tomatoes. We are excited to share our passion and products with you and hope you experience the incredible atmosphere of our farm.

Our Tomatoes: Taste and Quality Earned by Experience

At Sunny Tomatoes Farm we are proud that our products are the result of years of experience and dedication to high quality standards. We do not rest on our laurels and constantly strive for excellence in growing this magnificent vegetable.

Variety of Varieties: Each customer is unique and has their own taste preferences. That's why we grow a variety of tomato varieties to satisfy the most demanding tastes. In our assortment you will find:

Whatever your choice, we guarantee that every tomato grown on our farm is full of flavor, freshness and quality.

Large Beef Steak: Large and meaty tomatoes, ideal for salads and sauces.
Cherry: Small and sweet tomatoes, great for appetizers and side dishes. 
Pink flames: Tomatoes with an unusual color and rich flavor that add bright accents to dishes.

We do our best to provide you with the best tomatoes, grown with care and love. We believe that taste and quality should go together, and these are the tomatoes we offer you.

We care about nature and the environment, so our farm operates in strict accordance with environmental standards.

Environmentally Friendly Production: Caring for Nature and Health

Our farm prides itself on being environmentally friendly because we know that quality food and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. Our organic production is based on several key principles that make our tomatoes special.

1. No Pesticides
We use absolutely no pesticides on our plants. Instead of resorting to chemical treatments, we use natural pest control methods such as biological controls and plant repellents. This not only keeps our tomatoes healthy, but also preserves the biodiversity on our farm.

2. Natural Fertilizers
We are eliminating chemical fertilizers in favor of organic and natural alternatives. Organic fertilizers not only enrich the soil, but also improve its structure, which promotes healthy growth of our plants. We also recycle organic waste from the farm into compost, which is then used as fertilizer.

3. Biodiversity
On our farm we have created a place where nature thrives. We encourage biodiversity by planting wild flowers and plants that attract beneficial insects. This helps maintain natural ecosystems and promotes sustainable agriculture.

We believe that caring for nature and customer health go together. Organic production not only provides us with great tomatoes, but also helps preserve the environment for future generations. We invite you to our farm to see it with your own eyes and taste our organic products.

Tomato Varieties

Our exciting vegetable varieties bring variety to the culinary world and allow you to experiment with flavors and textures. No matter which variety you choose, we guarantee you outstanding taste and quality in every fruit.


Pink Flames: Color and Taste

Pink Flames are one of our most unique varieties. Their unusual pink color adds colorful accents to any dish. But it's not just external beauty; Pink flames also delight your palate with their rich and intense flavor. These tomatoes are perfect for preparing salads and snacks, giving them not only taste, but also a unique appearance.

Large Beef Steak:  Meatiness

The Big Beefsteak variety brings large and meaty vegetables to your table, which are ideal for preparing salads and sauces. They are not only juicy and aromatic, but also reliably hold their shape, making them excellent for slicing and decorating dishes. If you're looking for tomatoes that will add texture and flavor to your dish, this is it.


Our Mission: Fresh, Quality Products for You

We believe that everyone deserves access to fresh, quality food. Our long-term goal is to provide you with the best tomatoes that are grown with love and care to satisfy your taste and ensure your health.

Our tomatoes are grown with special care and love. We pay attention to every detail, from the selection of varieties to harvesting. This care gives our tomatoes a unique taste and quality.

We are proud of our mission and continue to work hard to earn your trust by providing you with the tomatoes you deserve. We invite you to Sunny Tomatoes Farm to share with you our passion for fresh, quality produce.



Great tomatoes! I've tried many varieties, and Sunny Tomatoes really stand out. The taste and freshness are simply amazing. I'm a big fan of their organic approach to growing.


In years, I have never tasted such delicious tomatoes. The pink flame variety is my new love! They really add color and flavor to my salads. Thank you, farm!


I was impressed that the farm adheres to environmentally friendly production. I feel confident that I can safely include their products in my family's diet. Thank you!

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You can contact us to find out more about our tomatoes or to arrange wholesale deliveries. We are always glad to see new partnerships and are ready to share our fresh products with you.

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